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Ghost Mode in Coin Master, Activation, Merits and Demerits

Coin Master is one of leading games, but you will not really enjoy this game without ghost mode. In other to avoid been attacked, you need to activate Ghost Mode. One this I want to clear before we move on, Ghost Mode is not recognized, or let me say is not what the developer introduce.

In a simple language, the Coin Master’s official developer does not recognize the Ghost mode as the function, but many players around the world use it.

Ghost Mode is the trick in Coin Master. It allows users to take the Coin Master account off the track so it cannot be searched or traced by friends anywhere. So, it is like playing a game like Ghost where no one can track you

Merits of Ghost Mode in Coin Master

Though Ghost Mode and its activation are not officially recognized, it comes with some juicy which make it worth it. There are very few advantages of ghost mode but believe these advantages will boost your game very much. In that case, this part of the article will cover merits, activate Ghost mode in coin master

No Raids: The best merit of this mode is that you will never be raided by your Facebook friends while you will be still able to raid them. If you can believe me then hold on you can watch the proof in my video tutorial which is at the end of this article.

Lesser Attacks: If you were thinking that your village will not be attacked even once like raids than you are wrong here but you will get very lesser attacks in the ghost mode.

Reason for Lesser attacks, as you all know that when you do not log in with your Facebook account in coin master then you get only guest IDs for raids and to attack and you can also be raided and attacked by guest ids only. And the fact is that there are very few guest IDs in coin master and if your village level is above 50 then there will be only a few attacks on your village

====> When you are playing Coin Master with your friends & also saving some millions of coins for the next event, there is a chance that anyone from your friend list will raid your village & loot billions that you want to save. Once you play in Ghost Mode, your effort is saved.

====> Going off the track on Coin Master means that you will not be seen anymore in your friends’ list. That’s the only biggest advantage of Ghost Mode.

====> But with ghost mode, you will be able to hide and at the same time continue your progress to make & save coins for the next big event!

Demerits of Activate Ghost Mode

We know, everything that has merits must as well have demerits. This part of the article will cover the demerits of using Ghost Mode. There are only 2 big disadvantages of this mode and that are listed below

Have to login every time: One big problem with this mode is that whenever you will open the coin master app after entering this mode, you will see a login screen every time, and every time you have to select login as a guest to enter ghost mode.

It is a bug or glitch: The biggest demerit of this mode is that it is a bug and there are chances that the coin master will fix this bug in its future updates.

Will not get any gifts: As I already said that after you enter this mode your friends will not be able to see you. So, on ghost mode, you will not be able to receive coins and spins from friends.

Yes, you read it right you will not be able to trade cards while using this mode and the reason behind that is very obvious and clear, as I mentioned above that your friends will not be able to see you.

Guide to Activate Ghost Mode in Coin Master

Excited enough to try the ghost mode? Let’s move on to the process of activating the ghost mode on Coin Master? Here is our guide to activate Ghost Mode or how to hide a village in Coin Master.

Step 1 ====> Close the Coin Master Game and open the Facebook app on your device(s)

Step 2 ====> Now go to the settings of the Facebook app

Step 3 ====> From the settings, locate and tap on the App and website.

Step 4 ====> Now, locate and tap on the logged in with Facebook.

Step 5 ====> Remove Coin Master by selecting it and then clicking on the remove button.

Step 6 ====> Then, open Coin Master again in your device.

Step 7 ====> If the game asks for the login page, then instead of Facebook login, use guest mode.

NOTE: If you interact with any of your friends, you will be kicked out of the ghost mode.

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How to Use Ghost Mode Correctly

So the correct way to use ghost mode is that you should use this mode at that time when your village needs extra protection or when you just started building your village.

And when you will want to receive cards from friends during golden card trade you can turn off this mode for some time.


Congratulation! You have successfully activated Ghost Mode. After starting the ghost mode, you can still see your friends on the friend list, but that doesn’t mean that they can see you. Now, enjoy Coin Master without worrying about the big raids by your friends.

What is Ghost Mode in Coin Master?

In Coin Master, Ghost mode allows you to hide your village from friends. You can play coin master without getting noticed by anyone.

How to Deactivate Ghost Mode in Coin Master?

You can deactivate Ghost Mode in Coin Master by log-in again with your Facebook account.

How to Hide your Village in Coin Master?

In Coin Master, you can hide your village using a ghost mode.

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