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CoinMaster Ghost Mode Activation Process and Advantages

How to activate Ghost Mode in Coin Master?  When this question comes to your mind, you look amazed. You are cautious of what Coin Master Guest Mode is about. Therefore, you are optimistic to know everything about ghost mode on CoinMaster?

Wow, you are very lucky to found this website. This is because you are at the right place to learn everything you need to know about Guest Mode for Coin Master to play Coin Master like a professional.

CoinMaster is one of the easiest games on the Android platform. After the ludo king, CoinMaster is the most trending game in India.

We as a player our self, we also recommend other gamers to play any game slowly. What many players do is that they play the game to complete it but it’s totally not worthy if you don’t test all the features of the game.

Coin master has many secret features like coin master free spins and remembering the pattern of the game to get the maximum benefit from it. But do you know that there is one more feature in the game which many players don’t know and that’s the Ghost Mode in Coin Master?

Once again, Coin Master is such an exciting game, enriched with multiple features and game-play. But along with officially acclaimed features of Coin Master, there are many other tips and tricks that are founded by the game community.

Such as getting coin master free spins and getting free pet food. Guest Mode in Coin Master is one of them as well. But before we jump into more details about how to turn on ghost mode or the merits of ghost mode on coin master. Let define Ghost Mode on CoinMaster.

Coin Master Ghost Mode Definition

Guest Mode in Coin Master is not officially recognized by the game developer Moon Active but it is being used by many players of the game across the globe.

In a simple language, Ghost Mode is simply a coin master trick used by the online community to get an account off the track so that it can’t be traced nor be searched by friends anywhere. It is just like going undercover & playing games like a ghost.

Meanwhile, this feature was first discovered by players and is not given by the official developer of the Coin Master which is Moon active as mentioned above.

There are many tricks of coin master but to know them you have to play the game and then discover the tricks on your own. Now talking about the Ghost Mode in CoinMaster, basically it is a method to block attacks in coin master by playing the game secretly as we explained in the paragraph above.

Activate Ghost Mode in Coin Master


When you play the Coin Master game in Ghost Mode you hide yourself which means no player in the game will be able to attack your villages.  As we already told you that this coin master trick is not released by Moon active developer and we have self-discovered this for our users. Meanwhile, some player confused Ghost Mode and Guest Mode in Coin Master Game. Move on to understand Gust Mode in Coin Master.

What is a Guest Mode in Coin Master?

In coin Master game, Ghost mode and Guest mode simply mean the same thing. Whichever name you called it, you are still dealing with the same situation.

In Coin master guest mode, you can play the game freely by getting raided and attacked by other Players. When you have activated Guest mode your friends won’t be able to see while playing the game.

Merits of Guest Mode in Coin Master

As a matter of fact, we need to list out the benefits of playing Coin master game in ghost mode. At the end of this part of the article, you will now know the benefit you earn from playing the game in ghost mode.

====> Going off the track on Coin Master (Ghost Mode) means that you won’t be seen anymore in your friends’ list. That’s the only biggest advantage of Ghost Mode.

====> When you are playing Coin Master with your friends & also saving some millions of coins for the next event, there is a chance that anyone from your friend list will raid your village & loot billions that you have saved. Meanwhile, ghost mode will not allow them to get you at all.

The Demerit of Coin Master Ghost Mode

====> As this Feature is a secret feature and not provided by an Official developer so it can get deactivated any time because this is a Kind of coin master glitch.

====> There are many players who try to make their village but when other players attack their village they stop playing the game.

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Complete Step to Activate Guest Mode in Coin Master

In other to activate Ghost Mode in CoinMaster Game, make sure that you follow all of the steps and activate hidden mode in coin master.

Step 1 ====> First action is to force close the game and Open Facebook.

Step 2 ====> Now in the Right Side you will see settings, tap on it to explore it.

Step 3 ====> From here, open Apps and Websites in Settings.

Step 4 ====> then tap on Games Logged in with Facebook.

Step 5 ====> Remove coin master from the apps which are using your Facebook account.

Step 6 ====> Now open coin master game again.

Step 7 ====> When asked to login, Choose Guest Mode.

Congratulations, you have successfully activated Guest Mode in Coin Master Game.

Keep in mind that you again get logged into the game via Facebook, you won’t be playing in Ghost mode anymore. You can also try out this trick when playing coin master on PC.

After activating the ghost mode, you may still see your friends on a friend list but that doesn’t mean that they can see you. You only have not to interact with any of your friends & wait for more half an hour to be in Ghost Mode completely.

After that, you are all set for undercover life on Coin Master. No one on the internet would be able to raid your village!

Try this out today and leave a comment below if you have any other exciting tips than the coin master ghost mode. Enjoy your game.


That is all about Ghost Mode in Coin Master. This article has run through the simple definition, highlight some of the benefits and how to activate ghost mode.

If you know any other trick, fill free to share with us through the comment box below in the article.

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