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Complete Guide on Coin Master Account Creation

This article will focus on Baby Account in coin master, though several people ask this question. You need to ask yourself why you need to create or have a baby account in coin master.

In a simple definition, baby account or second account is referring to as multiple Accounts in Coin Master. This account is set up for several reasons. This article will guide you on how to set up a Coin Master second account and reason you may need to create one.

Definition of Baby Account in Coin Master

As mentioned above, the Baby account is the second account created in Coin Master to able to play with more than a single account in coin Master. Just like the first account, with this Baby account, you have to start the whole game from the beginning and keep playing every game again.

Complete Guide to Create Baby Account in Coin Master

This part of the article will guide you through the complete process to create the second account in Coin Master. You only need to have certain material at your disposal. You must have not used them in setting up your primary account. Here is what you need to create Bay account in Coin Master Game.

====> You need new e-mail address

====> You need new Facebook account

====> You must have you Picture on your Facebook account

====> Facebook must see you as a real person and cannot find out you have an account already

With this new account, you can play. Make sure to invite your second account to Coin Master before starting the game. This will give your main account a free extra number of spins.

What are the Reasons of Second Account in Coin Master

Now that you have created your second account and has invited your primary account. We need to run through the reasons of the second account in Coin Master.

Though, we have various reasons for setting up Baby Account in coin Master. Without wasting much of your time, we will list out some of the reasons for the second account.

====> With the second account, you will be able to play Coin Master, even if spins are empty on the first account

====> You will be able to do big raids on each other

====> You get cards you don’t have on your primary account more easily. A baby account gives you another chance of getting all cards as you play the whole game again

Most of the time people create a Baby account because they have advanced on their primary account too fast and didn’t complete their card collection.

With the second account, you can stay longer on the lower level sets to get the missing cards. You can share them with your main account. By connecting both accounts you can use the big raids strategy to stack coins in your Baby account more easily.

Switching Between Multiple Accounts in Coin Master Game

You need to play on your second account or Baby account in Coin Master. In that case, there are various ways to switch between your two accounts.

====> One of the best ways for the switching is having separate devices for each account. This allows you to install Coin Master and Facebook on both devices separately.

====> If you are using only one device, you must switch devices. On iOS devices, this means you have to delete the Coin Master game, switch users in Facebook and reinstall the app each time you want to play them on the same device.

====> If you are using Android device, just delete the app data in Facebook and start Coin Master again. This is sometimes stressful. In that case, you need an alternative means to achieve the same result.

If you are handy with your phone and apps you can use an app cloner to create a sandbox environment in which you can clone and install both Coin Master instances again. If you clone the app make sure you regularly update Coin Master manually since the cloner app does not do this for you.

Get your Free Spins for Multiple Accounts

If you play with a baby account in Coin Master, just make sure you get your free daily spins on both accounts. Switch between them regularly as you enjoy your game.

Problems While having Multiple Accounts in Coin Master

Everything has a side effect as well. Having multiple accounts in Coin Master also has some problems. If you want to have only 2 accounts (main account and Baby account) then you will not face any problem.

Meanwhile, having more than two will result in multiple accounts thereby having some issue that comes with it.

====> First of all, you cannot use many accounts in your Facebook Accounts through your device as mentioned above. You cannot create too many Facebook Account with a single Gmail address.

====> Aside that, you have to manually update the Coin Master whenever a new update comes in the game.

So, after spending lots of time I found this way to have multiple accounts in coin master.

How to Create Multiple Accounts

The best app to have multiple accounts in coin master is app cloner. You can download the app from their website. This app has too many good features.

Such as one can change the color of the cloned apps and the name of these apps can also be changed. You can create as much as 5 to 6 clones of an app.

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The Merits of having Clone Apps to Create Baby Account

Creating multiple clones of an app allows you to attack your enemies with different ids. You can raid your other account when you require money.

Now the only problem that remains with you is how to have so many Facebook Accounts for clone or baby accounts in coin master. So I also have a solution for this.

How to Create Many Facebook Accounts at a Time

For creating Facebook Accounts you may need more Gmail accounts. Many people think that this process is time-consuming and very difficult.

But don’t worry there are so many tools present on the web for everything. You can create multiple gmails accounts at a time with this tool. 


That is all about Baby Account in Coin Master Game. This article had run through the benefits of multiple accounts in Coin Master and some on what you need to face in the long run.

We also run through the complete guide to create a second account in Coin Master Game thereby playing games on multiple accounts.

In case you have anything to share with us, please drop it in the comment box below.

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