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All Boom Levels Villages in Coin Master Game

Coin master is a game with many villages, each of the village has one hidden gel you need to get. Some of the hidden materials are card or various functions. Boom villages are villages that will give you a better chance of obtaining more gold or rarer cards than you would in other normal villages.

Meanwhile, before we move on, in coin master, you will encounter various villages which will give you the chance to obtain gold and cards all differing in rarity levels.

In every village, you can buy chests with all sorts of cards inside. In that case, you need to keep your eye out for these key villages while playing Coin Masters

If you are in a boom village, you will want to stay a little longer than you do in normally villages. This is just to see what kind of drops you get. Here in the article, we will give out the complete list of the boom villages where you will earn better rewards for your efforts.

Boom Villages in Coin Master

Chances of getting rare or gold cards in villages differ. Some villages are better to stay awhile and keep buying chests. These villages are called boom villages.

And even while it is not an exact science you would better follow these hints. An extra hint from me: stay a little while in the villages just below and after the boom village. For some people, these villages just give them those extra cards they need.

Coin Master Villages

Villages in Coin Master are where you will need to make progress in order to proceed in the game. Coin Master villages are beautifully decorated and are equipped with different scenarios & themes.

In each of the village, you will come across five items, they are needed to perform well in the game. Every village in coin master has different buildings to build in it which a player needs to build in case of proceeding to the next village.

The village in Coin Master is basically a level that a player will have to complete before moving to another level. As you keep on completing the levels, you will be getting closer to the boom villages in the game.

Coin Master Village Cost

Are you a player of this game, your coin master dream will not come at a low-cost? You have to have bags full of millions and in some cases, billions of coins in order to buy villages and complete the quest

The very first village that you buy in Coin Master will cost about 4 million coins so you can have an idea of what’s coming next. For every next village, you need more coins, in millions.

The second coin master village will cost you more than the first, it is about 6.5 million coins. Just like that, the first 29 villages will require you near 100 million coins. After you get past 74 levels, the amount will be changed into billions of coin.

With this, you now have the idea that the coin master game is full of coins to achieve your Coin Master dream. That is why you need to get some of what you need in the game via Boom villages you access in the game.

Buying Chests in Villages

In every village in coin master, you can buy chests with all sorts of cards. Some cards are common, thereby you get them so easily and a lot. Some cards are a little rare, they are not that common in the game.

Some cards are gotten once a while and some cards are extremely rare to get in coin master villages. That means, it might take you ages and you have to buy a lot of chests to get the extremely rare cards. As a matter of fact, such cards are available in Boom villages.

In addition, gold cards are found in coin master boom villages. These cards are mostly rare and cannot be traded with other people without a specific gold trade event. So you have to get these cards out of chests (or in Viking Quest or Joker event).

Coin Master Boom Levels

You might have come across or hear about Boom villages in Coin Master or Coin Master Boom levels. You may be thinking about whether it is real or not.

Many players believe it is a rumour, just because it has not been recognized by the official coin master developer. Moon Active have never recognized the boom villages in the game.

Meanwhile, you don’t need to worry about yourself, because we can assure you that boom village exist is real in Coin Master.

There has been a bit of confusion between villages and boom villages. We had tried to explain what these (Villages and Boom Villages) connote in the article. To get everything sorted, here are what Coin Master Boom Levels actually are.

What Are Coin Master Boom Villages?

Coin Master Boom Levels are just like normal villages in the Coin Master game. What makes them different from the rest of the villages is that they are more enriched with bonuses like chests and cards.

You can find many things in boom villages that are generally rare in other villages. You can find rare or new cards in boom village from chests bought from such villages.

So boom village is where you should spend more of your time, buy enough chests and spend many coins in order to get plenty of unexpected bonuses such as XPs, gold, and rare cards, chests, pet food, spins and many more.

Why is it Important to Identify Boom Village Level?

As we know, the probability of getting an exciting reward increases at the Boom villages levels. So if you already know that you are in the boom level, then it is advised to buy as many chests as possible and spend as many coins as possible to receive exciting rewards like the rare and golden card, free pet food, and free spins before moving to the next level.

So if you know you are in the Boom villages levels, you can stay in the village a little bit longer to buy as many chests as possible for an exciting reward.

Every Boom Villages in Coin Master

====> Village 5                 Far East

====> Village 7                 Sunny Hawaii

====> Village 10               Atlantis

====> Village 13               Arabian nights

====> Village 15               Wild West

====> Village 17               Jungle

====> Village 20               The arctic

====> Village 22               Candy land

====> Village 27               Columbus

====> Village 30               India

====> Village 34               Dragon Lair

====> Village 35               Greek island

====> Village 37               The wizard

====> Village 40               Area 51

====> Village 45               Musketeers

====> Village 47               Theme park

====> Village 49               Hell

====> Village 50               Easter

====> Village 51               Japan

====> Village 55               Jurassic ville

====> Village 57               Mongolia

====> Village 60               Robin hood

====> Village 61               Deep sea

====> Village 62               Don Quixote

====> Village 65               Olympus

====> Village 75               Unicorn

====> Village 79               Tin Soldier

====> Village 83               Car Racing

====> Village 87               Baba Yaga

====> Village 90               King Arthur

====> Village 93               Caribbean Resort

====> Village 95               Egyptian Pyramids

====> Village 98               Milky Way

====> Village 102            Goblin Ghetto

====> Village 105            Circus

====> Village 107            Golf Course

====> Village 110            Rice Farmer

====> Village 112            Irish Craic

====> Village 115            Aztec

====> Village 117            Ice Queen

====> Village 122            Tennis

====> Village 125            Witches

====> Village 127            Zanzibar

====> Village 130            Argentina

====> Village 135            Gymnastics

====> Village 136            New york

====> Village 138            Punk rock

====> Village 140            Rio

====> Village 141            Space pirate

====> Village 142            Mech workshop

====> Village 143            Jock & Jonn

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That was everything you needed to know about Coin Master Boom Levels and villages. While villages are very important not only to build but to defend as well, boom Villages gifts you some extra bonuses.

I hope by now you have got enough insights into coin master boom levels and villages.  Leave a comment below with any of your questions or suggestions below. And Good luck with your Coin Master journey.

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