Boom Villages in Coin Master
Coin Master

All Boom Levels Villages in Coin Master Game

Coin master is a game with many villages, each of the village has one hidden gel you need to get. Some of the hidden materials are card or various functions. Boom villages are villages that will give you a better chance of obtaining more gold or rarer cards than you would in other normal villages. […]

Coin Master Viking Quest
Coin Master

How to Win Viking Quest in Coin Master Game?

Coin Master is such a game with many events which gives room for players to secure big wins and exciting rewards. The Viking Quest is one of these events. This event (Coin Master Viking Quest) is an amazing opportunity for players to win free spins and coins, XP, pet food, pet potions, and a rare golden […]

Block Someone on Coin Master
Coin Master

How to Block Someone in Coin master

Coin Master is a kind of game in which one player invades villages of the players. In case you discover a certain friend keep attacking your village(s), you may decide to block such friends. Therefore, you have been looking for a way to remove friends in coin master. You are very lucky, you are the […]

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