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Reward Calendar Coin Master and Everything You Need to Know

It was observed a few months ago, a new feature called Coin Master Reward Calendar was added to Coin Master Game. The article will focus on everything you need to know about the reward calendar of Coin Master such as Rewards of Rewards Calendar, Calendar Time, Update, Daily Free Rewards, and how this Reward Calendar works among others.

A reward calendar is a daily login calendar that pops up whenever you log in for the first time on a particular day. It consists of many rewards and the best part is you get extra rewards when you continuously login for the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 30th day. Hope this is an amazing feature about the Coin Master update

Daily Free Spins, Coins and Chests in Reward Calendar

The Reward Calendar in Coin Master has a gift for you every day for a period of 30 days. The last gift you will get from this rewards calendar is a mystery box.

Wow, this is wonderful, we like that. The other days you get a free bunch of coins, spins or chests. Sometimes, at the end of every week: a collection of coins, spins, XP and pet food. This Reward Calendar is definitely a feature you have to log in for every day.

Coin Master Reward Calendar Reward List

Here tried to list day-wise reward detail from Reward Calendar. You may like to check it.

Coin Master Reward Calendar

Day                        Rewards

Day 1                     6 Million Coins

Day 2                     30 Spin and Chest

Day 3                     17.5 Million Coins

Day 4                     50 Spin and 25 Million Coins

Day 5                     45 Million Coins

Day 6                     60 Million Coins and Chests

Day 7                      60 Million, 100 Spin, 15 Thousand XP and Pet Food

Day 8                     Gift

Day 9                     Gift

Day 15                   Gift

Day 22                   Gift

Day 30                   Mystery Chest

Every day you play, you get the next rewards. But if you miss one day, you have to start over again at the first reward.

That is too bad since seventh-day reward is the biggest among the rewards. Besides these daily rewards from the rewards calendar, there are the rewards in the timeline as shown above.

These rewards go on every day you open the app and play the game. If you miss a day it is not a problem. The next day you open the app it counts on.

Meanwhile, on the 8th day, you open the app you get your first reward of coins and spins. On day 15, you get another gift of coins and spins and again on day 22.

The final reward is on day 30. On this day you get a Mystery Chest. In this chest, you get a lot of spins, coins, XP and of course some good cards

What is Extra Shield in Coin Master


Coin master has shield feature. Shields in Coin Master Game used to protect the village from other users attack. Every user has a maximum of 3(three) shields in-game. In the new update, user will get 5 shields in-game. Coin Master gives an Extra 2 shield in the new update.

Get Daily Rewards in Reward Calendar

This part of the article will run through the in-depth about the rewards of the daily reward calendar. This Rewards Calendar offers you free spins, coins, pet XP, and chests every day. And also offers you a Mystery Box on the 30th day.


In this calendar, you are given Coin Free. And Rewards Calendar offers free coins on different days and in different amounts.


The calendar also offers coin master free spins promo code with Coins and this free gift is provided to you according to your village level. You can see this spin in your calendar and you can take advantage of it by collecting it.

Chests and Pet XP

This is the big advantage of the calendar. You can get a free chest and a free XP for your pet in the last 5 or 7 days after you collect the rewards every day. And using this free gift, you can quickly move on to the Coin Master game.

Mystery Box

The Coin Master Rewards Calendar offers daily prizes as well as a Mystery Moksha every week. And you can also get different rewards like spin, Coin, chests, joker cards, and normal or gold coin master cards. So don’t forget to collect this Mystery box too.

How to Get a Reward Calendar on Coin Master?

If your game does not have a Rewards Calendar, you need to update your game, update the game and check again if the Rewards Calendar comes. If it still doesn’t come, follow the step below in the article.

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Why is People Still Playing Coin Master?

Coin Master Reward Calendar not Working?

A lot of people ask this question, Coin Master’s Reward Calendar not working. If Coin Master’s Reward Calendar doesn’t work on your phone, you need to uninstall and reinstall Coin Master Game from your phone. Doing so will make the reward calendar work in your game.

Reward Calendar Time & Summary

From time to time, you are given a prize in the Rewards Calendar every next day. And thus offers you a 7-day login reward. And offers you a magical chest on the 7th day. If you miss a day, it starts again.

And the second reward is given on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 30th days. And it gives you magical chests, spins, etc. in the reward there is no problem with missing the date. So enjoy this game


Overall, this update has made many changes in the game, many players have started making strategies according to this feature (Reward Calendar).

Also, don’t forget to mention how many rewards this new feature has given you. And if you guys have any queries for coin master gameplay shoot them in the comments I will answer all of them.

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