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How to Win Viking Quest in Coin Master Game?

Coin Master is such a game with many events which gives room for players to secure big wins and exciting rewards. The Viking Quest is one of these events. This event (Coin Master Viking Quest) is an amazing opportunity for players to win free spins and coins, XP, pet food, pet potions, and a rare golden card.

Viking Quest is one of the most anticipated events because it brings many exciting rewards with itself. And as an additional bonus, the coins you win in this event will be raid free for three minutes, just like a ghost mode, where you have the advantage of not getting looted by a friend for a while.

Meanwhile, we will not waste time in the article, we will run through the thing you need to know about coin master Viking Quest. The Viking Quest coin master tips and tricks will also be covered in the article. So hang on with us to explore all Viking Quest tips and tricks we have collected for you.

How often is there a Viking Quest in Coin master?

Viking quest is an event that comes regularly in coin master. It is an event to gain the attention of a player. In this event, you get a slot machine that looks similar to the coin master slot machine. But it has different icons. It has a Viking king, Viking queen, Hearts, spades, diamond icons in it, and a special icon of a bonus wheel.

The Viking Quest is a game within the game that allows players to spin the new Viking Slots with their Coins instead of Spins and earn astronomical rewards

Viking Quest Coin Master

Tapping on the reward icon near the bottom right of the screen will open the Mission Map which shows the players progress through the 10 unique and exciting missions

Tapping on any rewards icon on the Mission Map reveals the items inside which offer greater and greater rewards including Gold Cards

When you get three icons of the Viking king then your imposed bet amount is multiplied by forty, when 2 icons of the king come on the machine your imposed bet will be multiplied by 15 and imposed bet will get multiplied by 5 when one icon of the king comes on the machine, the same happens when three icons of queen come on your machine your imposed bet is multiplied by 15 times.

All Coins won in the Viking Slots are Raid Protected for 3 minutes after each press of the Viking Spin button

But the case of the bonus wheel is different when three icons of the bonus wheel come on the machine a bonus wheel located at the top of that machine turns around and then the amount of bet that comes on the machine is multiplied by your imposed bet and then the total amount is added to your account.

Coin Master Viking Quest Event Advantages

The best part of this event is that you are surely going to win something. As in the first mission you have to spin just five times and that is it you get a reward.

The second event is also easy where you have to win some coins and then there comes a mission of winning some coins between 10-20 million on the bonus wheel. The amount of winning coins depends upon your level.

In addition, when you enter this event no one will be able to raid you till the time you will play that event.

Reasons for Playing Viking Quest in Coin Master Event

Coin Master Viking Quest event is the best event to get golden cards. You can surely get two or more than two golden cards at this event.

And it is also guaranteed that, that two cards will be that cards which were not available to you before that event.

But for that, you have to complete some missions in Coin Master Viking Quest and here the trick which I use for this event.

Viking Quest in Coin Master Trick and Trips

As we had promised, this part of the article will cover the Viking Quest coin master game. You only need to read on as you explore the trick and tips in the article.

Play Cool at First 

Viking Quest is an exciting event that showers a billion coins over a user, along with many other bonuses. I think this is not bad, that is one of the reasons for this event in the game.

But, to win billions of coins from the coin master Viking Quest, you must have billions of coins stacked for yourself through series of action performed in the game before getting the stage of wining Viking Quest in coin master. Then only you will be able to get some success in the Viking Quest.

Once you have around 5-7 billion coins, you all set for the event. We have mentioned some tips and tricks for the Viking quest that will help to win more Coins and other exciting prizes from the event. If you follow these tips carefully, this will reduce your chances of losing a single penny in coin master.

Play cool and calm at the beginning as this will let you win coins before the storm comes. Collect the coins from the bonus wheel in the first five levels, because it is level 6 from where the real quest starts.

Combinations of Three Hearts

Another way win Viking Quest is by looking at combinations of three hearts. It seems that chances of getting a bonus wheel are higher just after you hit 3 hearts in a row.

So play at minimum bet until you get 3 hearts, then set at maximum bet and go until you reach bonus wheel. After this start again with the lowest bet.

Bring Bet Back and Forth during the Event

You have to bet carefully during the event period. Betting blindly during the event will cost you losing your coins rather them gaining them.

So, here are some tips that you can follow. When you get to level 6 on the game, try betting with the lowest number first and after the first spin, raise your bet.

For example:

If you are betting with the 2 million coins, then raise your bet to the 7 million coins and do 20 spins with this bet. After that, increase your bet to the highest amount to do 10 spins with that. By following this method, you will get many big and exciting rewards through the Coin Master Viking Quest event.

Slot Machine and Bonus Wheel Trick

So if you constantly betting, not getting any good result, then we have some tips and tricks that you can use to get a great result.

So if you are not getting any good result after frequently betting in the coin master, then go to the slot machine and use one spin and return to the bonus wheel. Now, set your bet to the medium and start betting.

When you win four or five bonuses, raise your bet to the highest and start spinning. After every one or two spins, you are surely going to win big in the Viking Quest event in coin master.

Note: This trick has worked for many players, but we cannot guarantee that this will work 100% because the coin master algorithm keeps changing.

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How to win Viking Quest in Coin Master?

If you play Coin Master, you are also one of the coin master players who wish to win this totally famous Viking Quest. It will be such a massive bonus for you.

The way to win is to play smartly with the given Coin Master Viking Quest tricks and tips above. Let me add more to it.

====> Make sure to get your hands on all the gold cards. Firstly you get your first gold card in level 6.

====> Next, with the betting trick, mentioned, getting a big win will give you your second gold card. They are just reminding you again that stacking coins is the key

====> The third method is to play all levels in which you have to win coins at a maximum bet. The winnings will probably be equal to your betting. Only the bonus levels are different, play at the lowest stake and raise it slowly; just follow the trick carefully.

====> The fourth way is to look at combinations of 3 hearts. If you hit three hearts in a row, there is a higher chance of getting a bonus wheel. Therefore play a minimum bet until you get three hearts and after that, set at maximum bet and keep going till you reach the bonus wheel.

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