Zynga Poker: Complete Guide to Get Free Chip
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Zynga Poker Texas Holdem Cheats, Free Chips, Coins and Freebies

Zynga Poker is a social game developed by Zynga as an application for the social-networking website Facebook as well as Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, and Windows. This game was launched in July 2007. In 2011, it has more than 38 million players, Zynga Poker was the largest poker site in the world. In 2018, after the increased competition in the market, ZP had a 6.1% market share in social casino games.

The game allows Facebook players to simulate playing Texas Hold ’em poker in a social gaming environment. Users enter a casino lobby and can play at any table or join friends for a game. Players choose from casual tables, tournament play, or VIP tables. A leader board shows players how they compare in chip ranking to other players and allows players to send or receive gifts.

Are you finding Zynga poker free chips? Now you are at the exact place we are given you Zynga poker free chip tips. We will try our best to keep this page updated as soon as we found something working. Share our website with your friends, so they can also get Free Chips for Zynga poker texas holder

In this poker guide, I will teach you how to get free chips in the Zynga Poker. To play higher stakes, you will want as many chips as possible.

How to Get Free Chips in Zynga Poker Game

As mentioned above, this is one of the leading game of its category, therefore we will run through various ways to get free chips in Zynga Poker

Spin the Lucky Bonus Slot Machine

The easiest way to get free chips is to spin the Lucky Bonus Slot Machine. You get a free spin once every four hours. If you spin once every day, you start a streak. If you spin seven days in a row, you get a 100% bonus on your winnings. This bonus also applies to spins you make with gold.

There are other bonuses you can earn, as well. You get a bonus from the VIP club you are currently in. You also get a bonus if you activate powers from opening safes in the rewards centre.

Collect Free Chips from Facebook

One of the leading ways to get free chips is constant visiting Zynga Facebook page. Check the Zynga Poker Facebook page for links to free chips. The game will also sometimes send you notifications on Facebook you can click for free chips as well.

Nag Your Friends in Zynga Poker 

Zynga Poker has a few ways to earn chips from interacting with friends you add in the game. I don’t use these methods because they are annoying. But to make sure this guide is complete, I am going to mention them.

Receive Chip Gifts from Friends

Zynga Poker: Complete Guide to Get Free Chip

Your friends in Zynga Poker can send you small chip gifts. There is a daily limit on how many chip gifts you can receive.

Watch Video Ads

The game has optional video ads you watch to receive extra chips. Sometimes you have the option to watch video ads to get extra Mega Lucky Bonus Slot Machine spins as well.

I have heard some people tell me that they never have video ads to watch. I don’t work for Zynga Poker, so I can’t state why certain people don’t get video ads. I live in the USA, and I get video ads once every day.

Collect Watches in Zynga Poker 

Collecting watches and the chips in a watch collection is a way to get extra chips. You get more chips each collection as your progress through them.

Free Chips from Collecting Straight Flush Cards

If you have multiple friends that play the game, you can also have them help you complete royal flushes. Completing these hands earns you extra gold.

Use Your Gold Coins in Zynga Poker 

What Are Gold Coins in Zynga Poker?

Gold is a secondary currency found in Zynga Poker. You use gold on Mega Lucky Bonus Slot Machine Spins.

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Get Extra Gold from Spending Tickets

Spending your tickets is one way to earn more gold. You earn tickets from competing in poker leagues and completing challenges. You spend tickets at the Rewards Center. There are three types of safes you can open. We recommend only opening the gold safes for 30 tickets. Opening only these safes will get you the most chips, and you will always get extra gold.

Earn Gold from Completing Challenges

 Complete Guide to Get Free Chip

Sometimes challenges give you gold coins instead of tickets. Be sure to check the game semi-often to see if one of these events is active. There have been a few events with challenges that gave you chips as well.

Invite New People to the Game

You can also invite friends to get chips if they join the game and start playing poker.

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