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Complete Guide on How to Change Raid in Coin Master Game

We are glad to have you on this blog topic how do I change my raid in Coin Master Game. Sometimes is called, how do I change raid in Coin Master Game.

Coin Master is the most popular video game in the United States, Romania, the United Kingdom and many other nations of the world. This game is made or developed by Moon Active. As a matter of fact, many people love to play the game. It also has many players across the globe.

This game, Coin Master has very wonderful features, well amazing graphic and friendly user interface. The good thing about this game is that you can play in Android and IOS devices it can be played on PCs as well.

On a good day, before you could play this game, you should be 17 years and above. But usually, every person’s age group can play. The slot machine is the primary reason to attack people in this game.

All you have to do in the game is to build your village and stop your opponent’s village from getting built. In some cases, you need to attacked other player villages to get free spin and coin thereby build your own village as well.

You must have to keep on improving and building your position on the leader board. The most important thing is to help you to develop your village is a slot machine. However, the slot machine also helps you to destroy your opponent village.

What are Coin Master Raids?

In Coin Master Game, raids are one of the action items/options on the slots. When you spin a Raid, the game will land you to another players village and give you 4 X marked spots to dig using 3 shovels.

On the other hand, a raid is simply meant to destroy the village of your enemy. When you spin the slot machine and you will see three pigs’ faces in a single spin, which means you are allowed to raid in the village.

In every raid, 3 spots contain chests or coins from 4 spots. One spot is empty. Foxy (The pet) which unlocked at 4th village helps to earn more coins in a raid by digging up the 4th X spot.

However, during the Raid, the users allow to dig out hidden treasures from your opponent village. You can mark four suspicious places where you can dig and find our treasure.

In a raid, the player that you Raid is known as the Coin Master and is a random player or friend, with the highest number of Coins. As we titled the blog how do I change my raid in Coin Master, that is the focus of the article.

But you will be allowed to select and dig only three out of four. And the fourth one allows being dug by the users who give food to pets. And then the pet will do it for you if they get a raid.

Collected amount of coins they get from the Raid is a deposit to the user’s account, and they can use it if further to build villages before opponent Raid them. You only need to read through as you explore the complete guide.

Merits of Change My Raid in Coin Master Game

You will access may merits when you change raid in the game. In that case, this part of the article will list out some of the merits of change my raid in Coin Master Game.

====> You don’t want to waste your coin master spins

====> You want to avoid raiding on the base of your friends

====> Sometimes we keep on raiding the same person and that respective person does not have many

====> coins in the coin bag, So you can also Change raid and continue playing the game.

====> Foxy is the best pet when it comes to Raid, Now any pet in the game is activated for 4 hours and if you want to activate them again then you have to give them XP or potion. So if foxy is not activated then there are many players who want to skip raid in coin master so you can also follow this trick for that purpose.

Demerits of Change Raid in Coin Master Game on Village

We have just completed the merits of Change My Raid in Coin Master on village, we are not justified if we ignore the negative aspect of it. Therefore, we will quickly list out the demerits of this action.

====> If a Player is Raiding you continuously then you can Block person and protect your village from getting raided and attacked again all the time.

====> As the trick is not official so there are chances that this might get patched any day. This is a coin master glitch that lets you change raid village in coin master.

This thing personally happened to me as I was planning to raid someone else and by using this guide we managed to change our raid to some other random person.

Applying this Trick will allow you to perform raid on 3rd person instead of raiding on your friend.

How Does an Individual Earn Coins in Raids?

Individuals who play coin master can earn more and more coins in the raids by bet feature or by the foxy that is the pet which gets unlocked. The feature of the slot machine helps to increase the chances of earning more and more points and spins by winning the raid two to three times and sometimes it can be more than three

When you use Bet option, at the end of the Raid the number of Coins won will be shown, it will be multiplied to give the actual number that is received.

Another option to earn more coins in raids is Foxy (The pet) which unlocked at 4th village helps to earn more coins in raid by digging up the 4th X spot.

How Can you Raid to Another Village in Coin Master Game

As we mentioned above, how do I change my Raid in Coin Master Game, as a matter of fact, in this section. The slot machine is a crucial part of this game.

Every user who spins the slot machine has to try their luck. Moving forward is the basic of the game, but before doing that, we need to introduce you the method to get free spins.

Once you are registered to play the game, you will definitely get free spins. Now after that, you will be getting free spins on an hourly basis. In fact, you get 5 spins on every hour. Few of things expect you will get in this game as follow,

====> Shields

====> Free Coins

====> Free Raid

====> Hammer

====> Free Spins

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How Do I Change My Raid in Coin Master?

We have come to what we promised you, but before we run through the complete process. We need to share this with you (our readers).

The Coin Master game is server-based and the server automatically decided who the player raid. It all depends on luck. Whether you get a low coin raid or high coin raid. As you know, high coins raid never a problem because users get money.

But if you get low coin rain, then users will always want to change it. There are few steps to change the Raid are. Now to the real deal, how do I change my raid in Coin Master?

Step 1 ====> You need to go to the setting option in the mobile

Step 2 ====> Now in the setting app, go to the coin master app and tap on it to open it

Step 3 ====> Move on to clear all game’s cache and close everything

Step 4 ====> It is real-time to see the surprise, open the game and see your Raid is changed

Step 5 ====> Repeat this step as many times as much as you can, and every time the same role applied to change your Raid.


Finally, we have to the end of what we have for you on change my raid in coin master game. This article has covered everything you need to know. If you follow what we explained in this article, you will be able to change raid in coin master.

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