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Complete Guide to Get Free Food for Pet in Coin Master

Coin Master pet food is comprised of snacks and other things that give your pet the energy required to perform their particular functions. Like pets in real-life, Coin Master pets also need the energy to consume while raiding, attacking or defending your village. To that extent, you can’t but keep your pet active always through constant feeding them. you are very lucky to land yourself here, you will get everything on how to get free pet food in coin master.

As a matter of fact, hungry pets would be serious underestimated  and a grave mistake to commit if you focus on being a coin master.

So do you want to get free pet food in coin master? If yes then you are in right place as mentioned above. This guide we will show you the best ways to get free food for pet in coin master. If you play coin master then you might already know the real importance of Pets in coin master.

What is Pet? Get Free Pet Food 

Pets are Virtual players in the game who also play with us. But if your pet is not active then you won’t be able to use it because you need food for pet in coin master.

There are two ways with which you can easily get free food for pets in coin master, the First one is to wait for 24 hours and you will get Food and after that, you can earn free food by playing events and completing sets.

Just like these, coin master free spins many users want free pet food in coin master. Once you give food to your pet you can use them for 4 hours. But after 4 hours again you have to feed your pet to Activate it. Now coming to the main part on how to get free food for pets in coin master so follow the steps given below.

How to Use Coin Master Food?

Honestly, it is not a hectic task to do. You only have to go to your pet’s menu and select any of the pet that is hungry and then select the feed option present somewhere around the bottom left corner.

You will see some snacks being showered on your lovely and cute pet. As a result, the starving pet will be upon his feet again once he finishes the snacks.  The pet will be ready to perform the action he is assigned to it again, that is Get Free Pet Food in Coin Master

When to Feed Your Pet in Coin Master?

Your pets energy is consumed in every action they performs. Whether it is a raid, attack or defends, every action costs your pet some amount of energy.

So, it is recommends you to feed your pet after every action they performs. Keep it energized to make your Coin Master dream come true.

The Best Pets in Coin Master Game

There is nothing like the best pet in coin master, the only thing which you have to keep in mind is that which pet you should use at which time.

Get Free Pet Food

We also mentioned above, free pet food will keep your pets active always. Below we will explain the uses of each pet and when you should choose them.

Rhino Pet in Coin Master

Rhino is the most difficult pet to hatch in coin master. It can only be unlocked when you reach a higher level of villages in the game.

The best use of this Pet is when you want to protect your village from getting attacked and raided. Since it is a powerful pet it can save your village from many attacks and raids. That is why you need to keep them active by feed pets in coin master at all time.

Foxy Pet in Coin master

Foxy is the most easily available pet in coin master. Also you can upgrade fox with very little XP. The best use of foxy is when you are playing raid madness.

When you Raid using foxy you can get up to 70% more coins compared to when you raid without using foxy. This is one of the best action you can engage your FOXY PET in coin master game.

Tiger Pet in Coin Master

Tiger is also easy pet to hatch in coin master, but it’s only useful when you try to attack and other player has enabled shield in their village.

Frankly speaking, we prefer Foxy over the tiger because of the amount of the coins it brings. Foxy pets gives you more coins in attacks compare to Tiger Pet. Though, it cannot be underrated.

If you manage to get free coin master pet food you should always use it when you are planning to play the game for more than 4 hours.

As mentioned, once activated the pet cannot be deactivated in between. So you should only feed your pet when you have free time and you can play the game for a minimum of 4 hours.

How to Get Free Pet Food in Coin Master?

Some users may say that getting free pet food is one of the most difficult task. It is not true. As to get some free items you always need to spend little more time. Now without wasting much time let us get you the best ways to get free pet food in coin master.

But before you start getting free food for your pets, make sure you fed your pet when you can play the game for a minimum 4 hours. If not then it will be waste because once activated you cannot deactivate your pet again.

Slot Machine (Get Free Pet Food)

The slot machine is the best way to get free pet food in coin master. If you still don’t know about slot machine then it is the free machine placed at the Right side in Down.

However, the slot machine is limited to only 24 hours, which means if you have used the slot machine then you can’t spin it again for 24 hours. Sometimes if you are lucky enough, you will get free pet food in coin master.

Use Coin Master Free Reward 

There many genuine websites on the internet that offers coin master free rewards daily. The website provides coin master free spin and coins link, free rare and golden card, Viking quest tips and tricks, and many more. So if you want to earn free rewards, then we recommended you to visit these websites.

By In-Game Purchase

You can purchase pet food from the in-game shop. But it will cost you real money. We know, we promised to show you ways to get free pet food in coin master. But we thought it is quite unfair if we do not share all the ways to get free pet food.

Get Free Food for pet

This is the fastest way you can buy pet food, this will always ensure that you will dig the last hole, attack your friend’s house and protect your home well.

You can buy it all at once, if you don’t play for a long time then use free food every 24 hours. There is no fear that you will lose your food purchased in Coin Master

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Regular Calendar Rewards

Regular calendar rewards is also called daily reward. You will get this reward when you play this game on daily basis. The new rewards have been launched by the Coin master game. Basically to get rewards from the calendar you have to just log in to your game daily.

Each week the rewards are refreshed and it is continued for 1 month. So each week you can get around 1-2 times free food for pet in coin master.

Play Events (Get Free Pet Food 

Events Like Raid MadnessAttack madness, and Joker tournament can give you free food in coin master. But usually, this is the most difficult way to get free food because not everyone is so expert in the game that they can win events.


That is all for now, if you know or come across other means to get free pet food which is not included in the article. Please do share with us in the comment box below.

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