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Coin Master Joker Card, Joker Events, Tournament, and Card Usage

The Joker Card is a phenomenal prize that can be earned during joker tournament events or found in mystery chests. It gives you the power to transform it into any card that you wish, including Gold and other rear cards.

Though, the joker tournament is among the newest tournaments in Coin Master. In the tournament, the winner receives the Joker Cards.

This card gives you the option to get one unlocked card of your choice for free. This could be a way to get the card you have been waiting for to complete a quest in the game.

This could be any card, gold or non-gold, rear or common card in coin master game. This way you can get the very rare card you need to complete a set as just mention in the article.

Players who play the Coin Master game know what the value of a Golden Card is, we already know that it is very difficult to get a Golden Cards

Winning this tournament is not an easy task, the reason behind it is because a lot of coin master players want to choose cards themselves. That is why this article will guide you through our tips to win the Joker Card in a Joker tournament.

How Does Joker Card Tournament Works in Coin Master?

Joker Card Tournament is the newest tournaments in the Coin Master game as mentioned above. In the tournament, the winner gets a Joker Card.

This card will give you a choice to get one to unlock a card of your choice for free. You can unlock a gold card or non-gold card by using Coin Master Joker Card.

Winning this tournament is not easy because a lot of players want to choose a card themselves. The joker tournament is the best among other tournaments.

You need to get points in the group. The group has 50 players. Points can earn by going to raid and attack in Coin Master.

The higher bet will give you more points-end of the tournament, 10 players get the highest score to receive a prize. Prizes are spins, coins, chests, and the first prize is a Joker card

How to win the Joker Card

The Joker-Card Tournament is difficult to play. More than other tournaments this is the one people want to win because of the Gold or rare card they can win.

This means you have to play it strategically, be prepared to lose spins and make sure to quit in time if you see it is not going to work out.

 Play Joker Tournament Strategically

Because this tournament is usually very long it, is a wise thing to start playing only in the last hours. Most players in your group will do this, but it makes the time shorter after you have played for others to get ahead of you.

What you need to do, is to play for a position in the top 3, preferably first with a margin of about 2000 points above the people below.

At this moment, you should stop playing until the last half hour. Then check your position. If you lost your position, use the last 10 minutes to get ahead again and win the joker card tournament.

Get Joker Card from Crate

This card is found in the Coin Master Joker Crate and you can receive this card crate from many Coin Master events.

Firstly, you need more coin master free spin and coin to get this card. And if you have enough Coin Master spins, you can easily get this Joker card by completing the event. We will see in the next paragraph in which events you can get this card.

Coin Master Card Chests

Get a Joker card from Coin Master Card Chest. This is another way you can get a Joker card. If you want to get the Jokercard from the card chest, you need to be in Coin Master Village 110 or above.

If you are in a village of 110 or more of Coin Master. So you can open 50 card chests and get 1 Joker card or more from inside.

Be Prepared to lose Spins in Joker Tournament

If you play this tournament you have to realize that winning will cost you spins. You will get spins back from the main event (Attack Madness, Raid Madness or other events) or from rewards mania, but this will not cover it all. If your strategy works out it will give you a new gold card.

Quit on Time if it’s Mission Impossible

Sometimes other players get ahead of you really quick and get that many coins that it is not worth playing further you have to quit and take your loss.

You can see this quickly when playing the tournament. Make sure you take time to look at the rankings once in a while.

It also can happen that in the last hour you lose your position and it is not worthwhile to go for the gold position. Then you have to decide to play for a lower position or quit.

Coin Master Joker Tournament

You can get Jokercards in all of the following tournament events. But every time you don’t get a chance to get a Coin Master’s Joker Card at these events, always play the event after seeing the event rewards.

====> Basket Blast Tournament Event

====> Mystery tournament Event

====> Diamond tournament Event

====> Rose tournament Event

====> Joker tournament Event

You can get the Joker card by playing all the above tournaments and winning.

Why is it Necessary to have a Joker Card?

As we discussed the Joker cards above, it is very difficult for players to obtain a gold card. Sometimes it happens that if you have a card to complete the set. Then you are not getting a gold card when there is a Joker card. You can then convert it to the missing card and the full card set.

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Is the Joker Cards Permanent?

No, the Joker cards is not permanent, it has expired so please use it before the expiration time. The Joker card expires in 24 hours.

So you have to use the Joker cards within 24 hours. If you don’t use the Joker cards in 24 hours, you will lose the card, always be careful.

And always get your favourite card with the help of the Joker card. And make sure you don’t waste your card.

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