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Coin Master Event Cheat: Raid Madness Fun with Foxy Trick

One of the common events in coin master game is called Raid Madness. In essence, you have to raid other player villages to get massive rewards. At first, Raid Madness will only give you little or small rewards, though, you don’t need many raids.

 As you advance in this event (Raid Madness) you need more raids, meanwhile, you get better rewards. Raid is not normally occurring as attacks occur in coin master game. So in order to win at this event, you need to play with a strategy.  You are very lucky as you land yourself in the right place to learn strategies that will benefit you in coin master Raid Madness

Powerful Raid Madness Trick

Most skilful players love this powerful trick. The trick is very easy and simple. You can as well try it. So let’s look at the strategy.

====> First, you have to wait for the biggest raid.

====> Now you have to continue spinning and spin 20 times.

====> If you do not receive any raids after 20 spins.

Now increase the bet as long as you can afford it. And spin 20 times. If you receive a raid within 20 spins. So from there, minimize the maximum bet and follow this step again.

If you follow this method, you will get good benefits in a few spins, and this is the reason why skilful players like this trick.

How to Complet Raid Madness

A lot of people ask me how to complete this event. This raid madness is very difficult to complete. Read on if you want to complete this event.

You have to find a pattern to complete any event. If you find a pattern, you can easily complete those events. The usual pattern of raid madness is that there are 3 attacks between each raid and sometimes 4 to 6 attacks. So try to find such a pattern in your own way.

And if you want to move fast, wait for the piggies signal. If you see 1 or 2 pigs it is a sign that you will get a raid soon. Once the signal is received, you should spin with the maximum bet, this will also give you a big prize, and you can move faster.

Get Free Spins and Beat Raid Madness

You need more spin to complete Raid Madness. If you have a few spins and need spins to beat the event. So you take advantage of coin master free spins. If you have spins, you can enjoy the game more, so make sure your spins are not misused.

Coin Master Raid Madness Fun with Foxy New Event

The new Raid Madness fun with Foxy event requires 35 Foxes to unlock the 75 Spins Reward and then earn points to be added in the Boombox Hero Tournament.

If you play ride madness events, you should definitely use Foxy in it because using Foxy will give you a lot of benefits.

And if you want to make big raids and collect more coins, this foxy will increase the amount of those coins. And this is a very good technique

The Requirements for Raid Madness Fun with Foxy

====> You get a Raid Symbol Match and you get 10 Foxes Symbols on the spin board

====> You need to get 1 Fox Symbol and you get 1 Fox Symbol on the spin board

====> You earn3 Foxes Symbols and you get 7 Foxes Symbols on the spin board

====> You will gain 2 Foxes Symbols and you get 3 Symbols on the spin board

How to Raid Madness Fun with Foxy Trick

This process requires the following steps. It is simple and easy to carry out.

Tip A:  Daily Spins

You need to engage in a daily spin as this will help you with collecting extra huge coins if you land on the biggest coin amount.

If not, any amount you get from this daily spin will really maximize your chances of building your village Monuments and unlocking the next village and level.

As extra, you can pay real money to unlock the times 10 spin which multiplies your winnings to the billions.

Tip B: Collect and Send all Button

You need to collect and send gifts to your friends from the gift section. This will gives some extra spins and free coin. You do these by clicking on the Collect and Send All button from the Free Spins tab and then from the Free Coins tab also.

Raid madness

Tip C: Coin Master Balloon Frenzy

This tip is unique for the Balloon Frenzy mini-event as it does not always come up at all events. So it is very random.

Balloon frenzr

The balloon frenzy works by randomly popping up with balloons on the screen and you have to pop them in other to collect the free spins it comes with.

The higher your bet times, the more balloons you will get. You only need this tip if the balloon frenzy event is on.

Note that, balloons will come up on your screen as long as you are active on the spinning board

Tip D: Coin Master Feed Pet

Feed your pet and immediately start the event. Coin master gives you free food for your pet every 24 hours, which is awesome, so go ahead and feed your pet.

Also, upgrade your pet with pet experience if you have any. You never know what the next pet level rewards will bring to your gameplay.

Coin master raid madness

Tip E: Coin Master Bet Strategy

Put your bet to times 2 or 3 and 5 and keep it spinning to get all Foxes. Once you unlock the first 75 Spins you can increase if you have a lot of spins. If not, you can go ahead and stick to bet times 1 or 2.

Note, if you notice that your spinning more than what your gain, then its time to call it quits and save the rest of your spins

Tip F: Coin Master Daily Login Rewards Calendar 

Log in the next day to collect any of the daily free, spins, coins, cards chest, pet experience, pet food and more.

Tip G: Coin Master Deal of the Day Reveal Mini Event.

This particular tip is for when coin master has an active Deal to reveal mini event. This event length varies from 10, 15, 20 hours.

Sometimes, the first deal to reveal is free spins or free coins. Other times, it is the first 2 deals that are free and the third you will have to pay a small fee to unlock and the fourth and fifth could be free, but each event varies.

Just look out for the free ones and collect them. The Current Deal to reveal is the Ruby Trap. The First one gives you 16.5M Coins, 130 Spins, 5K Pet Exp.

This you will have to pay a small fee if you want to unlock. The next one is free and the third is free, which also gives you 16.5M Coins, 130 Spins, 5K Pet Exp. Now there could be more to claim for free or pay for but you won’t know until you claim the first.

The Best Way to Earn from Raids

Raids Madness is completely useless until you know the best way to earn from raids. As we already mentioned earlier that the best way to play this game by counting the attacks.

Because after every 1 raid there will be 1 attack. By counting you will be able to get the idea about the pattern and you will be able to predict when you will get raid and attack.

So all you need to do is just wait for 3 attacks, after that you can set the bet level to X3 and then start playing the game again. This is the best way to get maximum out of raid madness.

Get Free Spins to Get Maximum Raid Madness Chances in Coin Master

You might already know that if you have spins in the game you can play as much as you want because the most important thing in the game is the spins.

Now it also happens many times when we are out of spins and just because of that we stop playing the game. If you also stopped playing the game because your spins are over you can get these free spins to play the game daily.

Ultimate Tips to Beat Raid Madness Event

Every game has some tips and tricks. We often ignore pets in coin master and don not use them properly. But if you keep your foxy active and then you start raiding other villages then you get double the amount of reward.

So while you are going to play the game make sure you make your pet active and then start raiding the villages. Basically, there are two major events in the game and they are called Attack master and raid madness.

Both the events say their purpose in their name itself. Like in the attack master event you get many chances to attack and for that also there is a pattern.

Now just like in the Attack master, there is a raid madness event. Now you might have already understood what is raid madness? If not, then raid madness events give you the maximum chances to raid on other villages and get coins.

Now there is a pattern you need to follow every time and that’s that after every 3 attacks you will get 1 raid madness so just maximize your betting and then start playing the game so that you get up to 3x more.

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The Lazy Way to Win at Raid Madness

If you want to win at Raid Madness and don’t want to get tired just do the following.

====> Wait for a raid and then count spins until you haven’t had a raid in like 50 spins

====> Do this while you bet minimum

====> After you haven’t had a raid in these 50 spins then bet maximum

====> If you get a raid within these 50 spins then start counting again

====> After you hit a raid at maximum bet lower your bet to a minimum and start counting again

This way you will get a few Raid Madness with the lowest bet, but you don’t waste too much spins.

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