Cheat for Coin Master Game, No 6 will Amaze You
Coin Master

Top 10 Cheats for Coin Master Game, Number 6 will Surprise You

I stumble across these questions. Is there a cheat for Coin Master Game? Is there a cheat code for Coin Master? Not only that, but you will also come across this type of statement, top 10 cheats for Coin Master Game. Irrespective questions you may come across about Coin Master cheat.

Now, what is the purpose of cheat for Coin Master Game? In a simple language, the cheat will give you a big bonus like game coins, game pets and free spins. As a matter of fact, you are at the right place to get all tricks and tips to cheat for coin master.

To procure the game coins, you need to spin casino-style slot machine which will give you hefty reward and enable you to attack another player village. Read this article on how to stop being attacked on Coin Master Game

As you all know, Coin Maser game is the number 1 game in its category and has more than 50 Million installs from Google Play. Coin Master Game app is developed by Moon Active and is available for all platform like Android, iOS, and Facebook.

With a huge number of people joining the game, it becomes important to know all in and out of the game to become successful with this amazing game.

Why had Coin Master Game Become Successful?

The reason behind the success of this game is the amazing features it has. Coin Master game has many important features which make this game awesome to play. Some of the features are listed below in the article.

====> Coin master game can be played by all age groups

====> Coin Master Game is completely free game

====> Coin Master Game is basically based on building villages and clearing levels thereby move you to the next level or village

====> In other to attack other players in the game, you always need to spin the wheel

====> Village is very important in the game. To build as many villages as possible, you need coins which can be earned by attacked other players villages

====> You can purchase Chest which contains game coins and rare cards

====> You can connect your game account with Facebook to receive rewards

====> You can exchange cards with you online friends and complete your card collection

====> The game revolves around the concept of spinning the slot machine

====> The game incorporated both building and spinning the slot machine. This makes it more fun while playing the game

====> Spinning the wheel enables you with game goodies, such as Hammer, Shield, Pigs, Free Spins, and Free Coins

====> On the game, you will be able to upgrade your pets thereby help you in the raid or defending your village

====> In other to receive huge rewards, you need to complete cards collection

Top Rating Cheat and Tricks for Coin Master Game

Now without wasting much of our precious time, we will move straight to the main points of putting together this article. That is, top cheat for Coin Master, at the end of this article, you will not regret reading through. But before you could get to know everything on Coin Master cheat, you need to read through to be able to explore the fact.

Send More than 5 Cards Per Day Tricks

The first cheat and trick will guide you to send more than 5 cards per day. By default, you will be able to send or share 5 cards with friends per day.

In that case, this part of the article will run through a guide which will guide you to send more than 5 cards per day.

Now you need to change the date of your phone. After changing the date with at least 24 hours you can send 5 more cards. You can repeat this as much as you like.

Another method is to remove the game and upload it again. After uploading the game again you can send 5 more cards. This Coin Master trick can be used again and again.

Daily Login to Grab Bonus as Cheat for Coin Master Game

Most of the players missed this amazing trick on Coin Master, you need to play this game on daily basis. As a matter of fact, you need to login on daily basis. You need to understand, Coin Master game provides a huge bonus to players daily to help them progress in the game.

To enjoy Cheat for Coin Master Game, you need to login daily into your Coin Master account to fetch a bonus of free spins. Some players do not find time to play Coin Master daily and they always prefer to play in weekdays.

For those players, we recommend to log in daily at least one time to grab some free spins. Do not think that if you do not access your account, you will get all the accumulated spin on the weekends, is not possible.

You will never get any accumulated spin in the weekend, so, our recommendation is to keep login daily to grab some bonus in Coin Master. This is one of top cheat for Coin Master Game.

Become a VIP Player as Cheat for Coin Master Game

Another very important trick is to become a VIP player of Coin Master Game. Now, how do I become a VIP Player? This is very simple, you have to be invited by Coin Master.

That is the only way, there is no other way to become a VIP player. Word is you have to spend real money on the game and advance fast. I don’t know. I haven’t spend a dime on the game and am not invited yet, though I am at village 168 already. But if you can, just do it

Buy Chests in every Village Tricks

Meanwhile, you should buy a chest in every village. You will be thinking why do you need to buy a chest? In what way is this trick or cheat in Coin Master.

As a matter of fact, in every village, you will come across rare and gold cards. Once you do not get them, it will be very hard to get them in the higher village or higher level as you play the game.

Some players believe you will spend about 1.5 billion coins in each village on chests. In some villages, it is even more important to stay and buy chests a little longer because they have even more gold and rare cards. These are called boom villages.

Invite Friends or Family Member to Play Coin Master

Coin Master has implemented the referral bonus, which means if any person using your referral and join Coin Master game, you will receive a bonus. Now, this is a very cool way of getting bonus and gifts, as you can invite your family members, friends and classmate to play this game without any problem.

You will receive 25 free spins when you invite any friend with your referral links. Inviting your friend and family members are very easy; you have to copy-paste your referral links on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp.

If your friend or family member click on the links and install the game on their smartphone, you will receive the referral bonus of Coin Master.

You Must Complete all the Events in Coin Master Game

You will come across several events in this game, you need to complete these events and earn huge rewards in other moves fast in the game.

Events of Coin Master Game

Ultra-Attack Master: In this event, you need to spin and match 03 ultra-signs to get a bonus and win the event

Ultra- Raid Madness: This is similar to Ultra-attack master event, you also need to match 03 ultra-sign to get bonus

Jackpot event: This is the biggest event in the game, you can earn a huge bonus of Coin in Coin Master game.

Village Master: This is a very cool event, you can complete Village in the stipulated time and earn food and potions for your pets. You can also get a huge bonus in-game coins.

Viking Quest event: This is one of the biggest events where you will get 10,000 spins.

Diamond Rush: This was the first event of the Coin Master, which gives huge rewards when completed. You can use this event and earn coins and free spins

Spend your Coins Judiciously as Coin Master Cheat and Trick

As we all know, construct building is very important in the game. These buildings make up your villages. Therefore, when you receive any coins in Coin Master, spend it judiciously to build villages.

Do not keep your coins in the account for later upgrade or building. As this game is for raiding or defending your base, when you log off, players are free to attack your village and gets all your hard earn coins.

So, follow the thumb rule of Coin Master keep on constructing a new building and upgrading them. When you build any construction in your village, you will receive a star which when accumulated will help in finding a new village. So, keep on building your village with the coins you receive from slot machine and raiding other people villages.

Keep Your Pet Active: Cheat for Coin Master Game

This trick talked about keeping your pet active. How do I keep my pet active? You only need to feed them and upgrade your pet. If you feed your pet it will give you extra powers for four hours.

If you cannot play for 4 hours it is a waste of your pet. So just feed the pet if you can play long enough to enjoy it to the fullest.

There is an extra trick here. Everybody has a free pet for 15 minutes active every 24 hours. If you have just a few minutes to play use this! Also if it is available use it when you can play longer. It is free and won’t cost your pet food.

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Keep Unlocking New Village: Cheat for Coin Master Game

The ultimate goal of Coin Master is to unlock new Village and keep on upgrading your village resources. Whenever you unlock a new village, Coin Master game will reward you with a huge bonus like free spins and coins.

You can use these bonuses to immediately buy a new building for your village and keep on upgrading them. Always remember, do not keep your coins in account, keep on spending your coins and building your village to its fullest.

Whenever you build any building in your village, the game will award with stars which can be used to unlock new village.

Earn More in a Raid with Help of Pets

You can earn more when you activate pets of these characteristics. For example, Pet Foxy will give you raid rewards when you keep it for attacking the enemy village.

Whenever you are going to attack or start spinning the slot machine, follow these steps

====> Feed your pets to get the active

====> Or treat to your pets to make them more active

====> This will activate the pet for four hours

====> Now higher you bet and conduct the raid

====> You will get 70% more rewards when you attack using your pet activated


You have done well, you have spent your time wisely to explore cheat for Coin Master Game. That is what we have for you here in the article on the topic. If you know other cheat and trick, share with us in the comment box below.

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