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How to Trade Gold Cards in Coin Master? What They Do?

Cards are an exciting feature of Coin Master, but Gold Cards are even more exciting. If you have earned cards in Coin Master before, you know that by viewing them, you can see the rewards you will earn should you complete the set. Sometimes those rewards are additional spins, which are always helpful, and other times, the rewards will be far greater, as a new pet. Here is how to trade Gold Card and what they do in Coin Master.

Gold card is extremely similar to regular cards. In fact, they are the same thing, just rarer. Because they are rarer card, the set they are a part of usually comes with greater rewards upon completion. Because of this, players will be racing to finish these sets as quickly as possible.

How do I Trade Cards in Coin Master?

Coin Master Cards Trade themselves, but they are set up by players over different social media platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter among others.

To send a card(s), you need to follow simple steps, here we go:

Step 1 ====> You need to open your card collections

Step 2 ====> You open it by tapping on the card icon found at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Step 3 ====> Then, tap on the set containing the card you want to send.

Step 4 ====> Now tap on the card you wish to send

Step 5 ====> Then tap on the Send button which will open up a list of friends.

Step 6 ====> Now select your friend you wish to trade cards in coin master

NB: Please note that you can only send a card if you have more than 1, and Gold Cards can only be traded during special events

How can I Trade Gold Cards?

To trade gold cards, you must first actually have some in Coin Master. You cannot trade a standard one for a gold one. Gold cards are special card, they are traded in a special way. Not like common coin master cards trade. You only trade Gold card during special events while playing coin master. Each Gold Card trade event allows for two specific gold card to be traded.

With these in inventory, you must now wait until a special event occurs that allows for the trading of these. You will know these special events are occurring because the game will outright tell you, these gold card are now tradable.

Moreover, just because you see that notification, doesn’t mean you are clear. Usually, these special events will name one or two gold cards and during the event, only those ones are tradable.

Fortunately, these events happen often so if you don’t see the ones you have go up as tradable, wait it out and eventually, your time will come

This card cannot be traded with other types of cards, Gold Card will only be traded for Gold card of a different type. Players can either request or offer these Gold Cards by making a post on our Official Trading Group.

During these very special events, players will have the ability to trade two Gold Card which are shown in the pop-up. This is a perfect opportunity to finish card collections as well as to help friends in their mission to finish their own collections.

When can you Trade Gold Cards on Coin Master?

To trade gold cards, you must first actually have some in Coin Master. You cannot trade a standard one for a gold one. With these in inventory, you must now wait until a special event occurs that allows for the trading of these cards

In a simple language, Gold Card are only traded during a special event in coin master. This is not like other cards which can be traded with other players when you wish. One thing to note, you must have more than one card in coin master before you can trade.

If you have only 1 card of its kind, you cannot trade with that, you need to have at least 2 of the card you want to trade with coin master players. This also applies to Gold Card in coin master, you need to have more than 1 Gold card, though this is a rear card to get.

What They Do

Gold card are simply rarer versions of regular cards in Coin Master and as such come with more rare rewards. Whereas a standard card set completion might give you a few spins, one of these sets’ completion might yield to you twice as many.

It really depends on the ones you have. If you are not sure what your rewards will be, you can select the card in question to view it and see what rewards are associated with it.

How many Cards can you Send a Day on Coin Master?

Normal Cards can be traded at any time with a limit of 5 per day, and Gold Card can be traded during special events as mentioned above in the article.

Can you Send Gold Cards in Coin Master?

Gold Card can only be traded in special events. Players can either request or offer these Gold Cards by making a post on our Official Trading Group

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